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Why Choose Professional Court Services?

Professional Court Services (PCS) is a highly renowned, reputable, and efficient document retrieval company in Texas. We understand that the average American citizen is often unprepared and perhaps feels intimidated to deal with the process involved in impending legal trials. We work closely with all of our clients and their loved ones to ensure that all of their legal documents are accurately and proficiently filed within the allotted timeframe. If you ever find yourself in a legal bind and you need to have time sensitive and confidential legal paperwork safely delivered, served, or filed in a courthouse, then it’s in your best interest to hire one of the most qualified and experienced certified process servers in Texas.

Why Choose Professional Court Services


A Few Reasons Why You Should Consider PCS

At PCS, we believe in only hiring the best trained, licensed, and most experienced agents to serve our clients and fulfill their legal needs with the utmost precision and competence. As one of the premiere process serving agencies in the great state of Texas, we’ve been able to establish a strong and positive reputation within all of the different types of communities we serve. On top of that, we’ve also created valuable and strong working relationships within the legal communities all throughout Texas with a special focus on Fort Worth and Dallas to ensure that our staff can quickly and easily navigate the legal system as needed and secure the confidentiality and efficiency of all of our resources. Additionally, the following is a list of critical reasons as to why we believe our e-filing services in Texas are second to none:

We Always Maintain a Strong Professional Image

Understandably, most legal professionals prefer to work with people they know and trust across a variety of different agencies. For that reason, we’ve worked hard and continue to work hard everyday not only to ensure that all of the specific needs of our clients are met consistently and to their satisfaction, but we also continuously work to maintain amicable and professional working relationships with lawyers, local law enforcement agencies, and courthouse officials. Our professional image isn’t just our calling card; it’s also our promise to our clients that they can entrust us to fulfill the terms of their contract and guarantee their peace of mind as much as possible during these trying times.

We’re a Fully Licensed and Experienced Process Serving Firm

One aspect of our commitment to maintaining a strong professional image has to do with the fact that we’re fully licensed to work in the state of Texas. As you can imagine, each state has its own unique set of legal rules and regulations when it comes to process serving as well as other complex legal procedures. These rules and regulations can even differ from one jurisdiction or courthouse to another. Focusing our expertise solely on the state of Texas means that we’re not spreading ourselves too thin and it also reduced the chances of mistakes being made while keeping our costs and prices at an affordable rate for our clients. Accuracy, efficiency, compassion, and knowledge of local process serving laws and regulations as well as familiarity with the geographic landscape of the communities we serve are all crucial traits that every professional process server must possess in order to perform their jobs well. Rigorous and detailed process serving training programs are specifically put in place in Texas to guarantee that all of our employees gain an in-depth knowledge of the requirements of the job and skillfully put them into practice.

Wide Range of Reliable Services

For over 20 years now, PCS has been offering a wide range of legal services including filing court papers, serving subpoenas and other important legal documents, retrieving documents, tracking the progress of court-filed paperwork, etc. Process servers are also liable for providing a proof of service affidavit which signifies that they’ve completed all of the tasks outlined in their contracts and successfully delivered or filed the documents in question. Sometimes, the courts might be bogged down with too much paperwork or case files and it can take longer than usual for them to process the paperwork that’s already been filed. Knowing that all legal proceedings run on a very tight timeline, our fully licensed process servers in Texas will continuously follow up and track the status of your legal papers until they receive confirmation that they’ve been successfully processed in the court system. We have the necessary access to online resources and established working relationships with courthouse clerks to do so.

Expert Connections

This is an important point that warrants constant reiteration. We know all the right people within Texas’s legal community and these long-established working relationships help to give our clients a leg up when it comes to moving their cases forward.

High Volumes of Papers Served Daily

Unlike the courthouses which are only open during certain hours (usually 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) which are often inconvenient for anyone who works for a living, we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which means we’re always available to cater to the needs of our clients. Even if you just need to call us to ask a question about your case, we’re always available for a quick chat or to set up a meeting in person. We serve large quantities of legal documents daily and always take the time to thoroughly research the recipients to ensure that the correct person is being served with the correct papers.

Affordable Rates and Flexible Payment Plans

We understand that legal fees can be expensive for a lot of our clients which is why we offer flexible payment plans and a variety of convenient payment options. We accept cash, checks, and most major credit cards. You even have the option of paying off your fees in increments over an agreed upon period of time. We keep our costs low by only working locally, which means we’ll never have to travel out-of-state in order to complete a task for you.

We’ll Take the Time to Thoroughly Explain the E-Filing Process to You

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your case, your documents, or even the process of e-filing court documents in Texas, we’re always available to help.

To learn more about our registered process servers in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, please contact us.

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