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Process Service

When it comes to legal proceedings, whether you’re the one pursuing the action or on the receiving end of it, all American citizens share the responsibility of issuing and filing the appropriate paperwork involved. If you’re planning on pursuing legal action against another entity—whether it’s a corporation, an individual, or another party—it’s your legal duty to inform that person in an official capacity. Of course, oftentimes, life can get in the way of actively trying to locate the correct person in question and regular citizens aren’t qualified to complete this job accurately. The fact is that every state has varying rules and regulations that are associated with official service of process, which is why you should be highly selective of who you ultimately decide to hire for this task.

Professional Court Services (PCS) is considered one of the most qualified process servers in the state of Texas because we have over 20 years of exceptional experience in the industry and are capable of working on a state and nationwide level.

PCS can process serve and deliver documents for any entity including:

  • Courts
  • Attorneys
  • Businesses
  • Individuals anywhere in the United States

PCS’s Process Serving Fees

At PCS, we take great pride in offering our clients competitive service of process fees throughout the great state of Texas and beyond. Most of our attention is focused on operating within Dallas, Fort Worth, and the DWT Metroplex; however, we’re also available and fully capable of extending our expert services anywhere else in the United States where we’re needed.

Our dedication, precise attention to detail, efficiency, accuracy, and positive rapport with various legal professionals and law enforcement agencies are instrumental traits that enable us to deliver the best possible results for all of our clients at the lowest possible rates relative to our competitors. Always keep in mind that when it comes to selecting highly qualified private process servers in Texas, you need to find an agency that has your best interest at heart and isn’t simply looking to line their own pockets. At PCS, we guarantee that all of our employees are fully licensed process servers who are certified to work in Texas and other states. All of them are highly competent, knowledgeable, hard working, and resourceful individuals who’ll take the time to understand the nuances of your case and get the job done right and on time. PCS offers the following services:

  • Legal document retrieval
  • Serving legal documents
  • E-Filing Court documents
  • In-person court document filing services and much more.

Depending on the specific requirements and nature of each client’s case, we can deliver regularly service over the course of 48 hours, which includes three to four attempts. On the other hand, if the timeline is limited or the case is particularly urgent, we can also implement a rush service within 24 hours.

Normal Fee Schedule

  • Tarrant County $65.00
  • Additional Document, Same Person $30.00
  • Contiguous Counties $75.00
  • Certified Mail Service $45.00

Types of Service

Regular Service

Will be attempted within 48 hours. Includes three to four attempts. Further attempts to be negotiated.

Rush Service

Will be attempted within 24 hours. Attempts on service will be reported promptly to your office.


  • New address found by server $40.00
  • Document preparation $30.00
  • Courier waiting time $10.00 / 15 minutes
  • Copy fees incurred PCS cost only
  • Motion/Order and File 106/536 Post $25.00

All prices subject to change.


North Texas Service Areas

PCS Servers the following Texas Counties

  • Collin
  • Dallas
  • Denton
  • Ellis
  • Hood
  • Johnson
  • Parker
  • Tarrant
  • Wise

Why Choose PCS for Process Serving in Texas?

If you’re looking a qualified process server in Dallas, Texas and the surrounding areas, then PCS is the right choice. We offer fast, reliable, and completely accurate service at vary affordable rates. For service or referrals outside of these counties or outside the state of Texas, please contact Professional Court Services.

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