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At Professional Court Services (PCS), we specialize in prompt, accurate delivery and retrieval of important legal documents. We’ve helped numerous law firms throughout the great state of Texas and anywhere in the United States ensure that the needs of their clients are not only met but exceeded in every way possible.

We completely understand that a lot of legal cases are time-sensitive, and lawyers typically have unforgiving tight deadlines to submit court documents and have them processed. Legal documents must be delivered or retrieved as quickly as possible to prevent trials or deliberations from being delayed.

With that in mind, PCS has the ability to expedite certain services that must be rendered in a timely manner and we make sure to keep all lines of communication completely open to our clients. This allows us to address all questions and concerns immediately and keep you informed regarding the status of your case.

Types of Attorneys and Law Firms We Serve

We extend our expert services to the following types of legal representatives and law firms:

Collection Attorneys and Law Firms

PCS offers process of service for consumer and commercial debt collection attorneys. This includes a variety of different types of unique cases including outstanding traffic citations such as speeding tickets, illegal parking tickets, running red lights or stop signs, and so on. We can also handle government, tax, police, fire department, utilities, retail, medical, billing, dental billing, and legal collections for our clients.

Family Law Firms

Matters involved in family law can include divorce, prenuptial agreements, child custody, and adoption. All of these types of cases require the utmost of efficacy, accuracy, speed, and dedication to guarantee that the appropriate paperwork is properly delivered and filed.

Estate Planning Lawyers and Firms

Estate planning requires a great deal of expertise and precision in property law. This is especially true in cases that involve delineating the specific assets of a deceased person or individual whose property and belongings have been seized by the government or financial institution for one reason or another

Personal Injury Lawyers and Firms

Personal injuries can include assault and battery, slip-and-fall accidents on someone’s property, hit-and-run accidents, car accidents, and even being attacked by someone else’s pet. All of these incidents constitute legal liability for the perpetrator and can result in a lawsuit. Whether you’re summoning a witness to testify on behalf of your client or sending a notice of legal action to the responsible entity, you need a fully licensed and dependable process server in Texas to cross the T’s and dot the I’s for you.

Bankruptcy Lawyers And Firms

By law, bankruptcy notices must be delivered to the correct recipient and filed within six months of the issue date in order to remain valid. Legally, there are a number of methods that can be used to deliver a notice of bankruptcy. You can either have it delivered by mail, personally deliver the document to the person’s place of business or residence, submit an electronic transmission, or you can hire a personal process server to hand-deliver the document in question.

Litigation Law Firms

At PCS, we know just how busy litigation attorneys are when it comes to researching and preparing for major cases and for that reason, we offer extensive legal support and service of process to help ease some of the pressure. Our experienced process servers are more than happy to carry out the grunt work involved in locating and acquiring the cooperation of key players in your clients’ cases.

Medical Malpractice Law Firms

As many legal representatives with years of experience are probably already aware, medical malpractice cases are far more common than many people might think. A lot of these cases are highly time-consuming and costly for the courts because they call for detailed and lengthy investigations. Lawyers who are in the throes of preparing for medical malpractice lawsuits need the assistance of trusty process servers who can collect necessary medical records, deliver and submit medical malpractice complaints, and retrieve any pertinent documents that can help win the case.

Criminal Lawyers

Documents involved in criminal cases include: witness subpoenas, summons, arrest warrants, as well as any other important paperwork that could be deemed helpful to your clients’ cases. Since these cases are typically on a very tight timeline, it’s imperative that all of the associated paperwork is submitted correctly and on time—it might even help if it’s done before the deadline to ensure that the courts have enough time to file and process them.

Civil Litigation Lawyers

Civil litigation cases typically involve summoning key witnesses as well as issuing and delivering notices of impending lawsuits. These documents must be delivered and submitted to the corresponding courts within a timely manner to avoid delaying trials and help cases move forward more quickly. It’s the job of the process server to make sure that all documents affiliated with the case are delivered to the correct recipients within the given timeline.

Types of Courts Where We’re Qualified to Serve Papers

The process servers at PCS are qualified to submit legal documents to the following different types of courts:

  • County Court
  • Federal Court
  • District Court
  • Local Court

Our Other Legal Support Services for Attorneys and Law Firms

PCS also proudly fulfills the following legal responsibilities for our clients:

Nationwide Process Serving and Courthouse Services

Professional Court Services has been providing extensive process serving services throughout Texas for more than 14 years, but we’re also fully capable of extending our legal services to other states as necessary. Our modern online database allows our clients to personally check the status of their legal requests and receive up-to-the-minute updates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you need to contact us during the day or night, we’re always available to speak with our clients. To learn more about the types of services we offer or to schedule an appointment to discuss your case with one of our representatives, contact us today.

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