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Process Serving for Debt Collection Agencies and Attorneys

Whether you’re instigating a debt collections lawsuit or on the receiving end of one, Professional Court Services (PCS) can help. Our experienced and reliable debt collection process servers are fully prepared to work exhaustively on your case and guarantee that all of the pertinent legal documents involved in your circumstances are delivered efficiently and on time. Every state has different rules and regulations that dictate process serving procedures and in many cases, these rules can vary from one county to another. For that reason, a lot of citizens have a hard time navigating the legal system in their specific region and rely on reputable process servers who specialize in debt collections cases.

Serving Debt Collection Papers

Debt collectors trying to serve their own legal papers may have a hard time accomplishing this goal within a reasonable court-ordered timeframe, especially since they typically have numerous other cases that require the same level of attention and detail. PCS works on behalf of debt collection agencies and attorneys to ensure that all legal documents are delivered safely, efficiently, and accurately to the correct recipients. This can sometimes be a tedious labor of love that requires the utmost patience and knowledge of local legal stipulations as not every case is cut and dry. Oftentimes, people go out of their way to avoid being served legal papers and make their whereabouts unknown to debt collectors. PCS has the proper resources to easily locate evasive recipients of legal documents and guarantee that they’re served within a timely manner.

Clients We Serve

  • Courts
  • Debt collection attorneys and law firms
  • Debt collection agencies
  • Individuals located anywhere in the United States

We pride ourselves on being a well-rounded process serving company that’s capable of taking on a wide range of clients and cases of varying difficulty levels. All of our debt collection process servers are equipped to handle any situation they’re presented with while working a case, so our clients can rest assured that their cases will be taken care of appropriately.

Services We Provide for Debt Collection Agencies and Attorneys

PCS is committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations and requirements of all of our clients. We provide quality service of process for every case we take on. Bank levies are typically set in motion when individuals fail to pay longstanding debts owed to creditors or collections agencies. The bank usually steps in and freezes all of their accounts and assets to prevent the person from overspending their money and further disintegrating their finances.

Reputable Nationwide Collections Process Servers

Let the expert and comprehensively trained process servers at Professional Court Services work on your debt collections case. We have over two decades of experience helping attorneys and collections agencies in locating indebted individuals and ensuring that they’re properly served legal documents. To learn more about our services or to discuss the details of your case, please contact us today!

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