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Process Server for Serving Personal Injury Cases

Serving Personal Injury Summons

For the most part, personal injury cases are fairly simple. If you sustain an injury on someone’s property as a direct result of their negligence or because they were purposely trying to hurt you, then you have the right to file a legal complaint against them in a court of law. Once that complaint has been filed, it’s your responsibility to make sure that the person, also known as the defendant, is notified that you’re filing charges against them. As fundamentally straightforward as this process seems, the challenging part can sometimes be locating the defendant and serving them a subpoena or court summons within the allotted timeframe. This is where it’s helpful to hire a qualified process server who’s completely familiar with the regional laws in your area that dictate the process of serving and filing a personal injury lawsuit. Professional Court Services is always obliged to help clients in need.

Personal Injury Claims We Serve

Professional Court Services only hires specially trained process servers who are highly equipped to handle the following types of personal injury court cases:

  • Dog bites or other pet-related injuries:

If you’re attacked by someone’s pet and that person attempts to shirk all legal responsibility for the incident, then you have the right to file a complaint against that person.

  • Slip-and-fall accidents:

Regardless of whether you suffer a slip-and-fall accident on a commercial or private property, if you can prove that your injury is a direct result of the owner’s negligence in maintaining their property, then you may have a strong legal case.

  • Car accidents:

When car accidents occur, everyone’s first instinct is usually to place the blame on the other person involved. No one ever wants to accept the blame for fear of increased insurance rates. While this is a valid fear, it also means that the at-fault driver will do everything in their power to avoid being served.

  • Assault and battery:

These can include cases of domestic abuse, aggressive verbal threats, or any other act of causing intentional physical harm to another person.

Patients may sustain serious illnesses or injuries as a direct result of their physician’s negligence, ignorance, or malice. While these are difficult cases to prove, patients have the right to full investigations into why their conditions are getting worse.

  • Defamation of character through libel and slander:

This is an intangible offense in which a person suffers an emotional or reputational injury due to the actions of another person. Cases of this nature often involve people spreading nasty rumors and lies about one another in a public forum.

PCS Process Servers Can Serve and Deliver Documents for:

  • Courts
  • Personal injury attorneys, lawyers, and other institutions
  • Citizens located anywhere in the United States

Our Other Services for Personal Injury Cases Include:

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The expert process servers at Professional Court Services have extensive experience and thorough training in accurately and efficiently serving personal injury summons. Trust our results-driven and dedicated process servers to get the job done right for you the first time. To learn more about the services we offer, contact us today!

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