How to Choose the Right Process Server in Texas

Choosing a reliable, competent, experienced, and professional process server in Texas can be somewhat difficult considering how oversaturated the market has become with dishonest individuals who don’t necessarily have the best interests of their clients at heart. That’s why it’s extremely important to conduct thorough research before settling on a certified process server that’s right for your specific case. Keep in mind that it’s the process server’s job to deliver time sensitive legal documents to your intended target. This requires extensive expertise in local laws regarding process serving as well as the highest level of competence and accuracy and you shouldn’t leave it in the hands of just anyone.

Hiring a Process Server Texas

Qualities to Look for in a Professional Process Server

If you or a loved one is in a sudden legal jam and you need a private certified process server in Fort Worth or Dallas, Texas, then here are a few important qualities you should always look out for.

Quick-Thinking Skills

Oftentimes, even the best of the best process servers will find themselves in difficult situations where they have a hard time locating their target, which can happen for any number of reasons, and they need to come up with a quick solution to remedy the obstacles they’re facing. Process servers work on a very limited timeline and you need someone who’s good at thinking on their feet and finding feasible and legal solutions when unexpected problems inevitably arise on the job.

Calm Demeanor

That leads to the next important quality that all professional and experienced process servers must possess: the ability to remain calm even in the most stressful situations. Far too often, unexpected circumstances can arise and instead of losing their cool, a good process server should remain calm and levelheaded to figure out and implement a tactical and clever solution.


If you want faster and more reliable service, then your best course of action is to find a knowledgeable and fully licensed private process server in Texas who’s completely familiar with all of the legal regulations in your specific county. The more experienced your process server is, the higher the chances are that they’ll have dependable and useful resources at their fingertips.

Up-to-Date on All Legal Procedures in Your Area

Not only should your process server be totally familiar with every aspect of your case, but they should also have a thorough understanding of the legal procedures and how they work in your area. Minor and major legal requirements are constantly changing and it’s crucial that your process server keeps themselves updated with all changes in the laws of your area. Otherwise, they could make avoidable mistakes that could be detrimental to your case. Any inaccuracies in your court filings could justify a judge to throw out your case altogether before a proper ruling has been made, which will prolong the process more than necessary.

Dedicated and Reliable

This may seem obvious and self-explanatory, but it’s in your best interest to hire a credible private process server in Texas who cares about your case and helping you get the justice you deserve by playing their part correctly. The last thing you need is someone who’ll easily give up if they can’t immediately find the person to whom the documents are being served.

A Few Other Things to Consider When Hiring a Process Server

Here are a few other considerations you should make before hiring a professional process server:

Local Networks and Connections

Process servers require trustworthy resources and local connections to help them track down the people they’re looking for and correctly file legal documents with the courts. They need to make sure that all of the information they’re submitting is 100% accurate because there’s no margin of error when it comes to legal proceedings. It’s also advisable that if you’re in need of a trustworthy process server, you check with local online directories and read the reviews written by past clients.

Cost of Hiring a Process Server

While it’s certainly understandable that for many people, the cost of hiring a process server is a significant concern, always keep in mind that you get what you pay for. In contrast, it’s also not always guaranteed that you’ll get better quality services if you pay more money.

Level of Experience

As with any professional field, level of experience is highly relevant in terms of how well a person can perform their duties as well as the quality of the services you can expect to receive. The more experienced an individual is in process serving, the better they’ll be able to serve you and remain within the correct legal boundaries of the law. There have been far too many cases in which lawyers or process servers from other counties have attempted to serve papers to someone but inadvertently broke the laws within that region and it ended up costing more money for their clients and ruined their cases. Don’t let that happen to you.

Professional Image

All certified process servers have a professional image to uphold and none of them want to put their jobs on the line. The consequences for being irresponsible when it comes to filing paperwork or using unreliable resources could be serious depending on the case. In some cases, process servers can be sued if the client is dissatisfied with their work or something the process server did or failed to do cost the client their case. By that token, it’s of the utmost importance that clients provide all pertinent information to the process worker before they start researching their targeted person and filling out the court paperwork.


Certain regions within the same state might require specific licensing or certifications to become a process server. There’s no shame in asking to see physical proof of credibility when you’re considering or interviewing potential candidates. At the end of the day, you need to look out for yourself and ensure that the person you hire to complete this significant task for you is fully certified and capable.

Communication Methods

Ask the process server about the different means of communication they provide while on the job and whether they’ll be available at your disposal. You want to make sure that you hire someone who’ll be able to answer your calls whenever you need them to because this will add an extra level of reassurance and peace of mind you need during any legal proceedings. You can even request that the process server provides you with regular updates on the delivery of the documents and notifies you immediately once the task is complete.

Fast Service

Regardless of who you hire to fulfill your process serving needs, there’s no doubt that you’ll want the task to be performed in a timely manner. The rate of which a process server can deliver papers and file documents with the local court system might vary based upon extenuating circumstances, but the timeframe should still be reasonable and fit within the allotted limit. If additional time is required to complete a task, then the process server should inform you immediately and place a formal request with the courts as soon as possible.

Hire a Professional Process Server in Texas

At Professional Court Services (PCS), we have nearly 20 years of experience working in nine different counties within in Texas with a special focus on Fort Worth and Dallas. Our services include serving subpoenas, citations, summons with complaints to individuals or companies, along with filing of court documents. For more information on these services and more please contact us.

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Crystal Schuder

Crystal Schuder

Crystal Schuder is part-owner of Professional Court Services. She has been in the process filing industry since 2004 and has years of courthouse experience under her belt. Crystal has worked with numerous attorneys, judges, and other courthouse personnel over the years and has developed a strong reputation for her professionalism within the industry.
Crystal Schuder

Author: Crystal Schuder

Crystal Schuder is part-owner of Professional Court Services. She has been in the process filing industry since 2004 and has years of courthouse experience under her belt. Crystal has worked with numerous attorneys, judges, and other courthouse personnel over the years and has developed a strong reputation for her professionalism within the industry.