How to Choose a Reliable Electronic Filing Service Provider in Texas

Most citizens don’t anticipate that they’ll ever be in a situation where they might have to have legal documents filed in a court of law, and, as a result, they’re often ill-prepared or ill-informed when this type of situation does present itself. For non-legal professionals in any state, the best thing to do in this type of circumstance is to hire a reliable and proficient electronic filing service provider (EFSP) who’s familiar with the process and stipulations involved in e-filing documents in your region. In most states, each courthouse has its own individual set of filing stipulations that must be adhered to, and this can make the whole process confusing for people who’ve never done it before. Filing legal documents takes a great deal of time, effort, resources, knowledge, and especially careful research. Due to the fact that these are very time- and information-sensitive documents, it’s imperative that the filing process is completed accurately and without delay to ensure successful submission and processing. If you live in a state like Texas, hiring a professional e-filing service provider could help prevent any major discrepancies or inaccuracies in your paperwork.

Texas e-filing services

Points to Consider When Choosing an Electronic Filing Service Provider in Texas

Companies that provide legal document filing services in Texas should be well-versed in official procedures of this nature that are related to the law. They should be extremely familiar with how each individual courthouse operates in any given county, and they should also be able to follow all of the e-filing rules that are outlined by specific courthouses. There are a few important factors you should be looking for when hiring professional court filing services in Texas.

Range of Services

Make sure the company you hire offers a full range of services that suits the needs of your case. This should typically include e-filing services, in-person filing services, and process serving, and they should also be trained in the procedural processes of various counties within your state so that you don’t have to hire multiple companies to file courtesy copies in different counties, which is often required in larger cases.

Level of Experience with e-Filing Court Documents

Electronic filing is still a relatively new concept in a lot of states and many courthouses still haven’t fully adopted this method, so one thing you definitely need to take into consideration is finding a court filing service provider in Texas who’s familiar with the unique regulations of each courthouse. Either that or they should offer comprehensive services to research each courthouse for you and provide all of the required information to submit legal documents for processing. An experienced and professional EFSP shouldn’t have any qualms about doing this for their clients.


Substantial experience and a good reputation usually go hand-in-hand. The more experience your EFSP has in the field, the more their reputation will likely precede them amongst legal professionals. You should know beforehand whether they’ve garnered a good or bad reputation in the legal industry because having a good rapport with lawyers, courthouse clerks, and judges can often be the difference between getting your documents processed faster and accruing delays.

e-Filing Fees and Payment Options

Unfortunately, there are certain fees affiliated with the e-filing process, despite the fact that it’s still more affordable and convenient than submitting forms in person. There are standard court filing fees, cost-recovery court filing fees, the fee of your service provider, convenience fees, and copy fees. Most of these fees are set by individual courthouses depending on the amount of processing work required on their part. Also, certain courthouses only accept specific methods of payment, so you should find out which payment options are available at the courthouse you plan on using.

Manage Court-Submitted Files

One of the advantages of e-filing court documents is that this technique allows you to track the status of your documents through a secure online server and database, so you know exactly when the court has received and processed your case paperwork. As an added perk, you can even have your EFSP monitor this online account for you so that you can have peace of mind and focus on other aspects of your case.

Why You Should Choose Professional Court Services (PCS) for e-Filing in Texas Courts

Professional Court Services (PCS) has over 20 years of experience in the process serving industry. In that time, we’ve built up a positive reputation within the legal community in Texas, having established strong relationships while working alongside prominent law firms and courthouses throughout the state—focusing largely on Fort Worth and Dallas. We deliver fast, reliable legal services to all of our clients and we’re certified by the Supreme Court of Texas. The one thing that makes us stand out from other Texas court documents filing services is that we specialize only in the state of Texas, which helps keep our overhead costs down and means that we can provide better service to our respected clients. Here are a few of the reasons why you should hire us if you need a dependable process server or court document filing service in Texas:

Accuracy and proficiency

Our top priority is to ensure that all of your important case-related legal documents are filed accurately and on time. We fully understand how significant this is to every case and that there are often severe consequences for failing to do so.

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week

The law doesn’t sleep and neither do we! Unlike courthouses that are only open Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., online court filing databases are usually operational 24 hours a day, which gives us the ability to offer our clients greater convenience when it comes to e-filing their documents. We’ll even register for these services on your behalf and keep all of your information fully up-to-date, check for inconsistencies, and correct them immediately.

Professional Image

Not only do we present a pristine and professional image, but we also live by it. Our many years on the job have allowed us to create strong working relationships with legal professionals throughout the great state of Texas, which means that our services are tried and true.

Affordable Electronic Filing Services

Even with all of the abovementioned fees involved in e-filing, we’re still able to offer competitive pricing for our services because of the fact that our primary focus is working within the state of Texas. Unlike companies that offer similar legal services, our process servers aren’t required to travel extremely long distances or out of state to complete their work.

For exceptional Texas e-filing services, contact Professional Court Services (PCS) today!

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Crystal Schuder

Crystal Schuder

Crystal Schuder is part-owner of Professional Court Services. She has been in the process filing industry since 2004 and has years of courthouse experience under her belt. Crystal has worked with numerous attorneys, judges, and other courthouse personnel over the years and has developed a strong reputation for her professionalism within the industry.
Crystal Schuder

Author: Crystal Schuder

Crystal Schuder is part-owner of Professional Court Services. She has been in the process filing industry since 2004 and has years of courthouse experience under her belt. Crystal has worked with numerous attorneys, judges, and other courthouse personnel over the years and has developed a strong reputation for her professionalism within the industry.