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Welcome to Professional Court Services

Husband-and-wife team, Paul and Crystal Schuder own and run Professional Court Services (PCS). They both are lifetime residents and have over 20 years experience in legal assistance to courthouses, attorneys, businesses and individuals in Tarrant, Dallas, Collin, Denton counties and all of DFW area in Texas as well as the entire US for certain services.

Professional Court Services are dedicated to providing the legal professionals with top notch service in all areas with efficiency and all available court filing and e-filing services.

PCS Process Serving (a division of Professional Court Services) offices are located in Fort Worth, Texas, but serve all the counties surrounding Tarrant County including all the counties listed in our Services Area as well as the entire United States.

You can depend on the Schuders to deliver fast, reliable and courteous court service and are certified by the Supreme Court of Texas. With this certification they can assist you with complete court services state and nation wide.


Our Services

Since 1993 PCS has serviced the entire North Texas area with legal support and with a stellar record. Below is a list of types of services we have been involved in.


Professional Memberships

  • National Association of Professional Process Servers
  • Texas Process Servers Association
  • Texas Association of Professional Process Servers
  • Tarrant County Bar Association

What Our Client’s Say


Your professionalism was much appreciated with regard to services rendered in what could only be described as a a difficult and troubling situation. Thank you....

Boosted LSS, Fort Worth


I used PCS to serve someone that that court seemed unable to for months. As a lawyer, I would gladly use PCS again for any civil or family cases that I might have in the future....

Derrick Feinman, Fort Worth

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Our Blog

In order to share some of our expertise with the world. We occasionally post info on services and changes in national, state and local law. We welcome you read into the subjects that interest you.

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Why Choose Us

  • Expert Connections

    PCS’s team of experts have a deep “rolodex” and can dovetail our services with those of other third party professionals. This is what you get with seasoned group like Professional Court Services.

  • Serving the Legal Community

    From the various courts to lawyers, corporate or individual needs. We serve 10 counties in the North Texas area with great expediency and professionalism.

  • Affordable Pricing

    We don’t gouge you or your client. PCS is trusted by hundreds attorneys, courts and businesses in the counties we service. We work within the industry standards of pricing and practices.

Contact Professional Court Services

When you need a process server or legal documents delivered as well as witness location or skip tracing.

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